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Tabiiy flora o‘simliklari introduksiyasi laboratoriyasi


Based on the priorities of the Strategy for Biodiversity Conservation of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2019-2028, one of the main tasks of the Tashkent Botanical Garden today is to conduct research on promising plants adapted to unfavorable climatic conditions and integrate biodiversity conservation into other industries. economy.

5 regions, which occupy the main part of the Botanical Garden, ensure reliable preservation of biodiversity through the effective use of the collection of plants stored in the expositions of North America, Europe-Crimea-Caucasus, the Far East, East Asia and Central Asia. Asia You can expand territories and create new ones.

As a result of many years of scientific research in the Botanical Garden, a wide range of ornamental trees, shrubs and herbs have been created, which effectively serve to improve the state of the environment. In the Botanical Garden, they study the laws of resistance based on the preservation of the gene pool of plants belonging to the natural flora of Uzbekistan, the introduction and acclimatization of rare and endangered plant species, and the study of the morphological features of rare and endangered plants. ... Under conditions of introduction, the possibility of preserving and enriching biological diversity increases due to the creation and preservation of living collections of plants, the study of plants of other scientific, economic, cultural and aesthetic significance. The implementation of scientific, pedagogical, spiritual and educational activities serves to train qualified personnel in this area. The results obtained are important for expanding the area of ​​cultivation of ornamental plants and the development of the ecological culture of the population.



Creation and preservation of botanical collections, protection of the gene pool of natural flora and plants in situ and ex situ, implementation of scientific, educational, spiritual, educational and innovative activities in the Botanical Garden.


- Development and improvement of activities for the study and conservation of the flora in situ;

- creation and preservation of collections of species belonging to natural flora in ex-situ conditions;

- regular exchange of information with protected areas;

- Development of complex measures for plant protection;

- participation in national and international programs aimed at biodiversity conservation;

- organization and cooperation of regular cooperation with other organizations and associations related to the direction;

- conducting educational, spiritual and educational work with the institutions of the Ministry of Preschool Education, Public Education, Higher and Secondary Specialized Education;

- direct methodological and practical assistance to researchers in higher educational institutions and at later stages, assistance in conducting experimental research;

- training of personnel and strengthening of the material and technical base.


- Complying with the requirements for the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, the Botanical Garden will effectively use the available resources to become an important center for science, education and ecotourism;

- scientific and practical activities of the Botanical Garden will be strengthened in the preparation and improvement of the national strategy for the conservation of biological diversity and sustainable use of plant resources;

- Preparation of scientific, educational and popular science publications in the field, the results in the field of botanical gardens, plant protection, ecological culture are regularly covered in the media and Internet resources.


- The laboratory operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On nature protection", "On the protection and use of flora", "On protected natural areas" and "On forests", as well. as well as in 2019-2028, based on the priorities, goals and objectives set out in the Strategy for Biodiversity Conservation in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Based on these goals and objectives in the Botanical Garden:

- contribute to the conservation of biodiversity;

- creation and preservation of plant collections (including rare and endangered ones);

- Enhancing the protection and efficient use of plant resources;

- reducing the impact of anthropogenic and climatic factors on plants;

 it will be possible to directly participate in the formation of environmental education.